Thoongaavanam Movie Review Box Office Prediction

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Each time you see the name ‘Kamal Haasan’ on extra large screen, you naturally hope to see something else and class separated from the consistent conventional flicks.

Thoongaavanam Movie Review Box Office Prediction

Also, as a general rule, Kamal succeeds in satisfying his guarantee of increasing current standards of film to next level. Independent of the movies achievement, his late movies Vishwaroopam, Uttama Villain and Papanasam, were acknowledged collectively by fans and pundits alike. With Thoongaavanam, Kamal Haasan is back with a fascinating film this Diwali. Does he figure out how to strike the bulls eye once more? Lets figure out!

Thoongaavanam Movie Review Box Office Prediction

Diwakar otherwise known as CKD ( Kamal Haasan) is a degenerate opiates officer, who has separated his wife ( Asha Sarath) and offers the guardianship of his high school child with her. Diwakar alongside a kindred cop Mani executes a heist by assaulting a medication guard and taking the bundle. Because of lamentable unforeseen development, one of the men conveying the bundle is executed. Mallika ( Trisha) and Dhiraviyam ( Kishore) are cops examining the homicide and the heist. Before long, Diwakar gets a call from medication ruler Vittal Rao ( Prakash Raj), who advises him that he has hijacked his child and will return him securely just if Diwakar gives back his medication bundle back to him. Presently, Diwakar needs to go to Vittal Rao’s club Insomnia, to give back the bundle and free his child. Yet, cops Mallika and Dhiraviyam are tailing Diwakar, as they uncertainty that he has something to with the homicide of the medication associate. When he achieves the club, Diwaker shrouds the sack of medications in latrine, just to discover later that the pack is absent. In the mean time, a major fish( Sampath) touches base at Vittal Rao’s club requesting his bundle of medications. Will Diwaker figure out how to locate the missing sack? Will he figure out how to shake off the cops behind his trail? Will he figure out how to spare his child from Vittal Rao’s paws? Go and end up at theaters close you.

What’s great:

There are a lot of encouraging points in the film, however what I cherished the most about Thoongaavanam is that it gets directly into the plot without squandering much time. Likewise, the film stays away from the exhausted passionate scenes and pointless back stories, which may have weakened the rush element and influenced the pace of the film. Kamal Haasan is without a doubt fantastic in the film, playing a fairly dark character to flawlessness. Likewise, the on-screen character figures out how to flawlessly draw out the anxiety of a cumbersome, reckless father who cherishes his child beyond a reasonable doubt. Indeed, even in real life successions, Kamal is quick and noteworthy. It is verging on difficult to take your eyes off the wide screen each time when Kamal Haasan enters the casing. Trisha has given an excellent execution as a solidified female cop, who will go the additional mile to do her obligation. With no make up on, Trisha looks her part and emerges in her scenes alongside Kamal. The duel between Kamal Haasan, Trisha and Kishore at the kitchen of the dance club is amazingly shot. The sensible way of the activity tricks makes the battles of the characters convincing. Prakash Raj is fabulous as the comic yet risky medication ruler, as he figures out how to summon funniness and appear to be identical time. Sampath has a little part and has made a not too bad showing. Kishore has a substantial part to play and he has done full equity to his part. In the midst of suggestive feline and mouse pursue between Kamal Haasan, Prakash Raj and Trisha, there are heaps of wry humourous, jokes conveyed by the optional craftsman that will make you laugh now and again. Full stamps to chief Rajesh Selva for not veering off from the story to utilize prosaic business components. There are no tunes in the film to hinder the smooth and exciting procedures. The scene where Kamal kisses an irregular young lady in the club ( Madhu Shalini) consistently, to abstain from being gotten by Trisha and Kishore is fabulous.

What’s awful:

There are a couple blemishes which influence the film in the second half. After a suggestive and to the point first a large portion of, the procedures in the second half back off a bit as the plot gets somewhat tangled with Kamal circumventing the club, avoiding his foes. The creators could have used the anticipation figure splendidly, however unfortunately everything is uncovered to you in first half hour as the executive doesn’t appear to be occupied with building tension. SPOILER AHEAD: In the end, it is uncovered that Kamal Haasan is an under spread cop and is not really a degenerate cop as he has been depicted. I thought that it was superfluous as Kamal’s dim character added such a great amount of flavor to the film. Additionally, why is it essential that the saint must be Mr Goody Two Shoes? I trust even a degenerate cop will have the same feeling for his child as a decent cop. I for one found that plot curve minimal unoriginal.

What to do:

Thoongaavanam is a smooth and fascinating thriller that has every one of the components to keep you snared. Kamal Haasan and Trisha have think of astounding exhibitions, and regardless of minor blemishes, this Hollywood style activity thriller is exceptionally watchable. Take the plunge!


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