Rock On 2 3rd Day Box Office Collection 13 Nov Sunday Collection

Rock On 2 3rd Day Box Office Collection 13 Nov Sunday Collection, Rock On 2 13th November 2016, Rock On 2 Collection, Rock On 2 Review Public Response Rating Total Collection Analysis

Rock On 2 3rd Day Box Office Collection 13 Nov Sunday CollectionAt the point when Rock On 2 discharged on Friday, I understood that Bollywood films about music by and large revolve around young men. They aren’t even about the music — Rock On 2 doesn’t have enough of it — however are about extreme, awful young men looking cool on the guitar and drums. I likewise understood that when you add a lady to the story, the film doesn’t turn out to be any less about these whiskery young men who know they look cool (a hesitance that incidentally makes them not really cool).


Shake On 2 is a hotchpotch of such a variety of things that toward the end of it you don’t generally comprehend what it’s about. Is it about Magyk, whom everybody recollects from Rock On!! (2008), meeting up to perform once more? Is it about Adi (Farhan Akhtar) floundering in blame in light of the fact that a kid who has been pursuing him to listen to his music demo confers suicide? Then again is it likewise about the totally insane music industry?

Rock On 2 3rd Day Box Office Collection 13 Nov Sunday Collection

Maybe a piece of it is about Jiah (Shraddha Kapoor) defying her renowned sarod-playing father, who says great music never has piano and guitar, to wind up an artist. This is, obviously, a minute part, on the grounds that sooner or later the motion picture takes a sudden takeoff from the embodiments and gets to be about sparing a town in Meghalaya.

This classification of Bollywood movies have a sort. They are about men perpetually being awful young men. We have seen the heavy drinkers (Aditya Roy Kapoor in Aashiqui 2), the druggies (Shahid Kapoor in Udta Punjab), and the fellows with genuine outrage administration issues (Ranbir Kapoor in Rockstar). They are the individuals who have been told, as Ranbir Kapoor in Rockstar and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, that you require a broken heart to make great music. In Rockstar, Janardhan Jhakar otherwise known as JJ otherwise known as Jordan whose icon was Jim Morrison, effectively searched out Heer (Nargis Fakhri), the “ideal shocking machine”. Maybe the grievousness system is utilized to pepper a music motion picture with some sentiment, after all by what means would you be able to have a film without it? A few motion pictures are just about discovering that artists like Tommy from Udta Punjab, or Rahul from Aashiqui 2 are simply decent folks who got lost incidentally; where it counts inside, there is still goodness in them.

Shake On!! furthermore, Rock On 2 appear to have marginally changed sort of men. These are the extreme sort, additionally the great ones. So what happens when you present a lady artist in the story? We have couple of ladies performers in these motion pictures in any case. In movies like Aashiqui 2 the female lead Aarohi (Shraddha Kapoor), herself a vocalist, is eagerly and cheerfully, and without the scarcest interior clash, prepared to toss her vocation for a drunkard, previous artist beau who can’t manage her prosperity. This is the inevitable end for most female characters in these movies.

Jiah’s character in Rock On 2 doesn’t give us anything new either. She is in an entangled story herself: her sibling is the man who submits suicide following quite a while of listening to his dad let him know he’s a terrible performer. A similar performer whose music demo Adi didn’t listen to. Obviously, Adi and Jiah run into each other, keeping in mind the suicide wasn’t Adi’s blame, there’s no time spent in considering the muddled sentiments that such a circumstance may hurl.

Rather, the brilliant looked at Jiah rapidly and effectively tells Adi that he should not feel regretful. What’s more, irritatingly, it is he, now all heartbroken, gets the sensitivity since he has been conveying the weight of blame for a long time. Concerning Jiah, she stays one-dimensional, which is the reason we should love her.

Regardless of the possibility that we let this pass and choose to take a gander at her music — all things considered, in the start of the motion picture we are informed that she is the person who helped Adi come to music again — nothing changes much. We see Jiah mournfully ask Adi, “Principle kya karoon?” (What should I do?) after she battles with her dad who doesn’t need her to play out (This is the main time in the film where she is permitted to demonstrate some compelling feelings). Adi, her managing light, advises her to simply make music. In the event that it hasn’t been inexhaustibly clear in this way, this film is still about the men. On the off chance that Ranbir Kapoor’s character then was educated the bit concerning “disaster” to sharpen him into flawlessness, in Rock On 2, the facial hair are the guardian angels: of ladies and hungry villagers of Meghalaya.

It doesn’t look good that producers are still ignorant regarding depicting reasonable ladies characters. There is no ‘disentangling a mind boggling character’ – man or lady. Rather, they evoke yawns, such as exhausting lift music.

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