Love Shagun 1st Day Box Office Collection 26 Feb Friday Collection

Love Shagun 1st Day Box Office Collection 26 Feb Friday Collection,  Love Shagun 26th February 2016, Love Shagun Collection, Love Shagun Box Office Prediction Total Collection Analysis

Love Shagun 1st Day Box Office Collection 26 Feb Friday Collection

Love Shagun First Day Expected Box Office Collection :- Love Shagun is the best in class happy satire kind movie which is wanted to release on eighth January 2016. The story is penned by Sandesh Nayak who is in like manner the head of this movie. Talking about the star cast then it will be a multi starrer film shot on Anuj Sachdeva, Vikram Kochar, Nidhi Subbaiah, Manit Jaura, Jaran Bajaj, Shamin Mannan and Simpy Singh. The film has been shot in better places of India, for example, Bhopal, Mumbai and Goa however a wedding tune is shot on Madh Island. It incorporates the distinctive humble insecurities and circumstances of youth life.The film furthermore conveys that respect is the key plot for each other in association. The movie gives significant messages of giving space or chance to each other. The movie is made under the standard of Saanvi Pictures Production Company.


Director: Saandesh Nayak
Writer: Saandesh Nayak
Musician: Rishi Singh, Band of Bandagi
Taran Bajaj
Vikram Kochhar
Simpy Singh
Shamin Mannan
Anuj Sachdeva
Nidhi Subbaiah
Manit Joura

LOVE SHAGUN furthermore gives the central message of offering space to one another seeing someone.LOVE SHAGUN is the romantic comedy film. In this film seven exceptional implications of love conveyed by various character themselves. Unassuming insecurities of today’s adolescence is joined into this movie. “Reverence” is one of the key perspectives and LOVE SHAGUN film constructs the condemning of thankfulness in association for each other. LOVE SHAGUN in like manner gives the crucial message of offering space to each other seeing somebody. Love SHAGUN’s story about the youthful individual named “JD” who is at a basic period of his life – for picking his life associate. Decision for picking a presence associate is incredibly troublesome for JD in light of the way that he is gotten between his wishes, his mother and secretive estimates.

Love Shagun 1st Day Box Office Collection 26 Feb Friday Collection

We have one more comic show film coming this February. The development ad spot of the inevitable movie ‘Love Shagun’ has been released. We have an overabundance of parody movies coming this winter. The movies like ‘Kya Kool Hai Hum 3’ and “Mastizaade” are grown-up comic show meanders, however the film like ‘BHK Bhalla@Halla.Kom’ is unadulterated situation based satire movie. In the blink of an eye, the movie ‘Love Shagun’ development distribution is out. The development notification of the movie ‘Love Shagun’ is from every angle included a nostalgic comic story certainly. Here we pass on to you ‘Revere Shagun’ development distribution. As ought to be evident from the development ad spot of the film ‘Love Shagun’, it is just a comic dramatization motion picture.

Moreover, there is next to no to tell about the development production. Let us let you realize that it has not been revealed yet that when the trailer of the film will be pushed. We should sit tight for the trailer to be dispatched to see more about the movie.Meanwhile, we can relate to you about the account of the film ‘Love Shagun’. The film ‘Love Shagun’ is a wistful comic story that tells around Seven implications of warmth, where the definitions are the characters in the movie themselves. It shows the insecurities among the youthful and their emotions moreover. A noteworthy importance has been given to respect for each other in an association in the movie.But, it moreover exhibits the estimation of individual space in each others life too.

The story of pending film ‘LOVE SHAGUN’s is around a youthful individual named “JD” who is at an essential time of life, picking life assistant. It is a basic decision in everyone’s life in light of the way that your whole future depends on upon this. Thusly, choice for picking a presence accessory is especially troublesome for JD because he is gotten between his wishes, puzzling desires and his mother. How JD turned out from each one of these circumstances? The whole story fits in with this. Whether he settles down or not?. LOVE SHAGUN is the bright cheerful parody class film. In the movie makers has endeavored to express seven novel ramifications of love and warmth. It will in like manner delineate all the Menial insecurities of today’s youth life.

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