Dangal 1st Day Box Office Collection 23 Dec Friday Collection

Dangal 1st Day Box Office Collection 23 Dec Friday Collection, Dangal 23rd December 2016, Dangal Box Office Collection| Dangal Collection Total Income

Dangal 1st Day Box Office Collection 23 Dec Friday CollectionDesires are constantly high from a film when Aamir Khan’s name is related to it. His most recent, Nitesh Tiwari’s Dangal will undoubtedly attract huge group as it is not just one of the greatest arrivals of the year additionally an Aamir Khan film. Yet, while the film may draw swarms on account of a star and his stunning physical change for a part, the story is far more noteworthy than the performers related to it.

*The story has spoilers.

An anecdote about a father’s constant battle to make his little girls most prominent wrestlers of the nation, Dangal depends on Commonwealth Gold Medalist Geeta Phogat and her dad Mahavir Singh Phogat’s life. The vast majority of us know about the story – yet it is convincing film that can serve as a course book case on how a biopic ought to be made. Dangal, with its shrewd composition, touches upon a considerable measure of issues that remain a sore point in our nation.

The story is situated in Haryana, a state famous for its treatment of ladies, where Mahavir Phogat brought up his little girls to end up distinctly more grounded than most men in the town and made them title holders. In a piercing scene in the film, youthful Geeta and Babita are seen grumbling to their companion, who is to be offered the following day, that they wish they never had a father like Mahavir Phogat. The kid lady listens with a dour face just to interfere with them and state how she wished she had a father like theirs who might take onus of bringing up his little girl the correct way and not wed her off. The scene is characterizing scene where the two young ladies, who are worn out on lively preparing they are subjected to each day, get a new point of view about the enormity of their dad.

Dangal 1st Day Box Office Collection 23 Dec Friday Collection

It’s a straightforward scene however it highlights splendidly the incongruity of the circumstance. Where one girl grumbles that her dad doesn’t regard her as a human, and alternate whines about how he is never going to budge on making them into wrestlers. In a nation, where ladies are still not treated similarly, particularly in littler towns and provincial territories and where the longing to have a child, a beneficiary, is still a typical thought in a great deal of families, Mahavir Phogat’s story is encouraging. It gives us more ladies to glorify, to imitate – it offers plans to scores of families where the lady is frequently insulted for not bearing a child.

Wrestling is the support of Dangal. A game that discovers its say in the vedas, and is being honed in a few sections of rustic northern India for quite a long time, unusually is not the most well known game. The cricket fixated nation just comprehends one game and fixates on it. So it is apropos for a star like Aamir Khan to demonstrate the nation a game that the nation is known for globally. Making a games based film is never simple and one generally needs to keep a beware of getting the procedures perfectly fine as to make it an engaging watch. Dangal effortlessly figures out how to strike that adjust. Sprinkled with funniness, the film gives a look on the diligent work that goes into turn into a champion in any game. Dissimilar to Salman Khan in Sultan, who overnight turns into a best on the planet, an Olympic gold medalist and wins the heart of the young lady he pines for, Dangal gives a genuine picture where the fundamental characters are appeared to experience a few disappointments before achieving the top. Assets aren’t sufficient for preparing, terrible mentor, absence of introduction all these are vital part of any sportsperson’s trip in the nation and such things are not generally tended to in a games shows that are made in Bollywood. In any case, Dangal, in unobtrusive, nuanced way highlights every one of these viewpoints that made Phogat sisters the best wrestlers of the nation. In actuality, it’s never a simple ride to the top yet by one means or another Bollywood tends to avoid the grime and simply paint the ruddy picture in the vast majority of its movies.


While the film is about a father-girl relationship and about a long overlooked game, it additionally wonderfully inspires a feeling of pride in one’s nation and the gigantic ability it brings to the table. On the off chance that 2016 has been the year of the loyalist, where one has needed to wear patriotism on one’s sleeve, Dangal ought to in a perfect world be the film that advances patriotism. You might be upset with the legislature and its late diktats, yet you will tear up in bliss and pride as Geeta holds the gold after a tight match. You will need to cheer boisterously for the underdog from Bilali town in Bhiwani District of Haryana. You may not feel enthusiastic at start of the film when you are approached to go to bat for the national song of praise, yet you will wind up remaining toward the end and cheering for the nation.

Without being jingoistic, with guileful silliness bounteously tossed in the script and with a convincing, motivating story – Dangal is the film that India needs at this moment. To dispose of the exhaustion, to feel roused and be glad for the nation that we live in.

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